Friday, 23 July 2010

Descending by Catherine Chisnall

DescendingDescending by Catherine Chisnall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Catherine Chisnall's 'Descending' is one of those books which it is easier simply to read than to read reviews about.

It is about a low key love affair, an aberration, a few days in a life which might change everything or nothing.

It is about the role of a support teacher and how she fits into a male dominated classroom. It is about how pupils play games with teachers and about how the management of any institution plays those same games but in a more self-righteous and pompous way.

This is the tale of a minor transgression that says so much about how we politic to puff ourselves up and to put others down.

It is a very quiet and powerful book.

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  1. "Quiet but powerful" indeed it is. Catherine invites us in to the world of Emily and her student.

    As an invited guest we enjoy the sublety of the behaviour, the visage of the players, and the broiling undercurrents throughout the book.

    It packs a solid punch.