Thursday, 24 February 2011

The three-ringed circus of Christian Churches

The Prodigal ProphetThe Prodigal Prophet by Dylan Morrison

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I think the expression 'Oh My God' was coined to describe this book. I cannot work out whether it is horrifying, hilarious, laughable, insightful, informative, or just plain bizarre.

Whatever it is, it is hard not to be transfixed by some emotion or another.

And, actually, it is definitely informative because I have no doubt it represents the gospel truth about how aspects of Christianity are exploited to nefarious ends. The Christian Church - whatever the denomination - has a horrible history of subverting a beautiful theology / philosophy for personal gain. Dylan Morrison's 'The Prodigal Prophet' incontrovertibly demonstrates that while the Christian Church is a bit short on burnings, torture and indeed genocide nowadays (beyond the activities of a few mass suicidal sects), vainglory, power and the obscene accumulation of wealth are very much still where it's at.

The only question I have is why the author fell for these cheap tricks time and time again when he appears to be a perfectly sane (beyond the avowed depression) and highly astute observer of his own Calvary at the hands of a series of rank charlatans.

I suppose that is th skill of the professional conman. You may even know you are being defrauded, but somehow you want them to succeed, even against you.

If you suspect that the leaders of the Christian Churches aren't very Christian and, by analogy, that the leaders of the Spiritual movement aren't very spiritual, this is a book to bolster you in that faith - that nothing, but nothing, is sacred once the all-too-humans get it in their sights.

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